All our products are handcrafted using authentic BioThane imported from the USA, coupled with solid brass or stainless steel hardware to ensure that you receive a product that is ready to brave all weathers and conditions with you. 

BioThane is made from a PVC outer coating with an inner polyester webbing. It is lightweight yet durable. It is also waterproof, stinkproof and easy to maintain, ensuring a worry-free experience. 


1. In order to prolong the lifespan of your gears, we seek your help to ensure basic care is provided. While solid brass does not rust, oxidation does occur, causing your hardware to lose its sheen. Please keep your hardware dry whenever possible to prevent accelerated oxidation.

2. While BioThane is durable, it is not chew proof. Please check your gears regularly to ensure their integrity and the safety of your pets.