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Welcome to RuffWalks!

We’re pawrents ourselves, and nothing makes us happier than bringing the kiddos out for an adventure - watch them roll in the mud, play in the sand, stick their apprehensive paws into the seas for the first time. The most satisfying of all – their wagging tails and smiling faces.
Yet, the not-so-satisfying part comes when we had to wash the gears over and over again, just to make sure they’re clean. We also experienced less-than-durable gears that gave way halfway through our adventures, leaving us stranded with a large breed leash-free dog that was too heavy to be carried home. We started to look for gears that were more durable and easier to maintain and stumbled upon Biothane gears.
At RuffWalks, we are committed to handcrafting gears of the highest quality that tailor specifically to the needs of both you and your furkids. Our gears are highly functional, and can be used for all purposes – your daily walks, training programmes and next big adventure. We also strive to keep our products affordable and accessible because we believe every pawrent and their furkids deserve only the best.
We’re ready to get Ruff with you, every Walk of the way.