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Standard Adjustable Collar with Quick Release Buckle


See your pup through all its life stages with one classic collar! Its fully adjustable feature ensures that you no longer need to worry about your pups outgrowing their collars. To top it off, this collar comes with a quick release collar for enhanced convenience and ease when putting on and taking off your pup's collar!

Switch up the sizes as your puppy transitions through various life stages. It comes in 5/8" BioThane and is equipped with a quick release buckle, putting on and taking off these collars will be hassle-free! Do note that there will be 3 holes included for the adjustable feature, with the "Size of Neck" stated being the middle hole. Holes are 1/2" apart. It can withstand all terrains and elements, without giving you a headache post-adventure. Simply rinse your gears down with water, and they’re good as new! Roll in the mud, swim in the sea, or go for a leisurely walk – we’ve got you covered!

Choose from the wide range of colours available to create a collar that is uniquely yours. Each collar comes with a D ring so you can clip your tags on them.

Do feel free to slide us a DM on Instagram or contact us through our website if you’d like to further customize your very own gear. We’d love to be part of your next adventure!

* As each gear is specially handcrafted for you, we seek your understanding that your gear may measure slightly longer than your purchased length.

Fulfilment and Delivery:

For all customised orders, we take up to 10 working days to craft your gears. This is not inclusive of the time required for delivery.

For ready made orders, we will ship your items within 3 working days so that you’ll get it soonest!  

Domestic delivery within Singapore is available at $3.50 and will take up to 3 working days via Smart Pac.

Rates for International Shipping will be tabulated during Check Out. Delivery for International Orders can take up to 30 days.

We strive to craft your gears as soon as possible and seek your kind understanding and patience.

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